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LW, Conditioner, AquaSoft, 60,000 grain Water Softener

Our LivingWaters™ AquaSoft water softeners employ several patented, industry leading technologies to provide cutting edge efficiency and value. Each unit employs a patented computerized Clack backwashing valve that measures water use so the unit uses up to 50% less salt and water to regenerate itself than other types. Meter is self-diagnostic making service easy. A power outage protective cell means no battery is required to keep timer running. The unit uses soft water to clean itself and unlike other brands, contains no metal parts that can leach lead into water. The design is so advanced there is not a single nut, screw, or bolt in the valve making the unit highly reliable and trouble free.
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Whole House, Conditioner, AquaSoft, 60,000 grain Water Softener
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