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Educational resources are arranged by category. Within each category articles, podcasts, and videos are arranged by topic. Feel free to explore.

Health and Wellness Courses

This Video Will Help You Learn About Water, Toxins in Water, Water Treatment Technology, and Water Treatment Systems.

Contrary to what you are led to believe, it is a simple fact that municipalities cannot deliver reliably safe water. Private wells hold many hidden dangers as well. Don't bet your health and the health of your loved ones on inaccurate or incomplete information. Learn what you need to know about water here.

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Learn About The Microbiome and Its Impact On Your Health and What Works To Keep It In Balance 

In just the last 3 years science has made discoveries about how you are built that are revolutionizing medicine. Learn why people will be returning to various forms of natural/naturopathic medicine as their first choice in treating chronic, debilitating disease and why pharmaceutical companies are not happy with where this new knowledge is taking us.

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Learn the Impact Of Diet On Body Chemistry Balance and Health

Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Gluten-Free? Or do you just want to settle for beer, pizza, and snacks? What about prepared meals, the deli counter, and restaurant food. Is it worth spending the extra money on "Certified Organic"? 

Are You Worried About Cancer? Learn About the Value Of Alternative Treatments Here

It is no secret that the convention cancer treatments or chemo, surgery, and radiation therapy have a miserable track record. In spite of the advertising to the contrary, more people are getting and dying of cancer than ever before. Learn the possible reasons why this is happening, and why treating cancer as a metabolic problem using natural methods instead of a genetic problem using conventional methods holds renewed promise.

Learn About Becoming an AU Wellness Consultant. 

Want to make a good living doing something you love? Then a career as an AU Wellness Consultant may be just what you are looking for. Understand how our training program operates, what our wellness consultants do, and what kind of money you can make. 

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Learn About CBD. Why Is CBD So Popular? What Is It Good For.  What Should You Know. 

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in marijuana plants. It is responsible for many of the health benefits ascribed to marijuana, and the good news is that it is not psychoactive (won't get anyone high) and you can use certain varieties without worrying about failing a drug test. The problem is that many products, even those sold in reputable health food stores and pharmacies, are very poor quality. Either they contain toxins you don't want in your body, they don't contain as much CBD as the label states, or they do not have a consistent strength from batch to batch. If you are going to avail yourself of the many benefits of this magical medicine, check out this section to get informed before you make the leap.
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The Truth About Marijuana. Is It Really an Effective Medicine? Is There A Downside? 

We were pioneers in the Colorado Medical Marijuana movement. We operated a dispensary for 8 years and saw thousands of patients of every age and in every stage of health. We no longer operate the dispensary. If you want to know if marijuana is actually a medicine, its potential downsides, and problems with the industry that may affect patients, check this section out. What you find here may shock you.
Marijuana As Medicine - Part 1
Marijuana As Medicine - Part 2
Marijuana As Medicine - Part 3
Marijuana As Medicine - Part 4
Why Marijuana Is Illegal

Wisdom Courses

HunaWisdom™ offers the most powerful wisdom school in the world. Best of all, it is online and totally accessible to anyone. It is affordable too, because each class or workshop is available by donation. You must choose the amount (from $0 to as much as you want) because we can't value what these perspectives and skills are worth to you. You have to determine that for yourself. Just be aware that you will most definitely get what you pay for. 

As a kahuna priest, Lono Ho'ala has taught celebrities who have given hundreds of dollars for an afternoon of his time. While the amount seemed generous, their donation was for less than the cost of a normal wine tab at dinner. They enjoyed it in the moment, but much of what they heard was forgotten in a couple of days. On another occasion, Lono was given a lamb by a Native American family. At the time it was worth about $40, but it was a month's food for that family that had little else to eat. That family had a life-changing experience from their encounter with Lono, and they remain close friends with him to this day. 

Personal Enlightenment

If you value growing in awareness and personal empowerment, the perspectives offered here heal lives and set souls free! Become more awake, and more sovereign day-by-day.

To Access Our Way of Wisdom Courses, Click Here

Relationship Support

Would you like to support your relationships to come alive? The skills and perspectives offered here can improve communication, heal resentment, and restore balance.

To Explore Ho'opono'pono, Click Here

Community Health

Our world is becoming more polarized by the day. This is no accident. Certain people are using fear to gain political power. Learn who they are, their tactics, and their goals, so you can be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

To Learn How To Transcend Partisan Politics, Click Here

'Ohana (Family) Support

'Ohana is the Hawai'ian word for family in the sense of "those who breathe the same spiritual breath." In English, that means those who see life the same way and share the same values. If you are on the path of enlightenment, here is where you can find the family you have been looking for.

To Find Support For Your Family, Click Here

Raising Conscious Children

The most sacred duty a parent has is to raise their children to be self-responsible, self-disciplined, and ethical people who are both capable and motivated to master their gifts and talents so they can return them to the Circle of Life. Our modern culture does not support these goals, but our Eagle's Nest 'Ohana (Family) does. 

To Learn How To Raise Conscious Children, Click Here


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