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About Water

Water is a truly remarkable chemical substance that is our single most important natural resource. We can survive for weeks without food. If we do not consume water for even a few days, we die!

How To Enjoy Healthy Water

This video contains interesting information on water, water toxins, and what you need to know about how to get a reliable supply.

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Water Is Unique

There is no new water on earth. We are drinking the same water the dinosaurs drank over 100 million years ago.

Water's unique and anomalous properties are responsible for all life on our planet. One aspect of its uniqueness is that its solid form (ice) is less dense than the liquid form (water). This makes it possible for aquatic and marine life to flourish in oceans under ice than can be hundreds of feet thick.

Another unique feature is that, given its very low molecular weight, water would be expected to boil at around –90°C. But it doesn’t! If it did, there would be no liquid water on the surface of our planet. 

The reason is that in the water molecule is a polar molecule, with a positive and negative side. These polar opposites attract each molecule to its neighbor so they "stick" together. Many of the unique properties of water originate from the polar nature of its molecule.

Is There Such A Thing As Water Clusters?

Liquid water is much more than millions of discrete H2O molecules. It is actually a highly mobile, vibrating and forever changing cluster of water molecules in which the hydrogen bonds between individual water molecules are continuously breaking and reforming. Some experimental evidence suggests that "micro-clusters" of water do exist, but they are not stable. 

While much is said (primarily among those who attempt to sell dubious water treatment products) about treating water so these clusters are smaller and more bioavailable, the fact is that such a thing is not necessary nor even helpful. If you can't digest water in its normal state, you have bigger problems than a water treatment system will be able to solve!

What we do know that the arrangement of the molecules in a given volume of water varies according to many factors including temperature and pressure, and the nature of things that are dissolved in it. We also know that water adjacent to membranes in cells or organelles (sometimes referred to as vicinal water), will carry dissolved (ionic) contaminants into the cell structure with it. Some of these ions are important or even critical to life. Other ions kill, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a period of time - much like a time bomb.

The bottom line is that, although there are hundreds of products available that purport to provide us (often supported with pseudo-scientific evidence that sounds real but is not) with the correct form of "structured water" or "energized water" we should not lose sight of the primary object of water treatment appliances. 

The most important reason for purchasing a water treatment system is not to make water alkaline on the pH scale, nor to make it have micro-clusters so it is supposedly more bioavailable. The most important reason to buy a water system is to make water safe to drink!

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