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You Get To Choose!

The science exists. You can HEAL your chronic illnesses - NOT JUST TREAT THEM with some sort of pharmaceutical or nutritional supplement.

The only problem is finding a practitioner highly trained in biochemistry who has a clinical practice in functional medicine. This is getting easier because the recent explosion in scientific knowledge is causing many practitioners to abandon their former practices in favor of this new, far more advanced type of medicine.

The sad fact is that it is unlikely you will find a doctor trained by conventional western medical schools who can help you actually heal your illnesses, or even give you accurate guidance about proper nutrition. This is especially true if that person is in a practice where Big Pharma dictates Standards of Care he/she must follow.

. . . Or This?

What You Will Learn In This Webinar

1. The Importance of Resisting Medical Dogma.

a.     Focus On Your Goal: Wellness – Not Treatment

b.     Become Familiar With The Origins of Conventional Western Medicine. This explains why we have a problem healing chronic 


c.     Think Systems – Not Body Parts!

       The body does not operate using body parts in isolation. Your brain is not isolated from your stomach or kidneys. Your lungs are                                                             

        not isolated from your liver or your gut. All organs represent interrelated systems. These systems begin with how our bodies 

        interface with our environment.

d.     Understanding the Difference Between Healing a Disease and Healing a Traumatic Injury.

2. Most Chronic Disease Is Metabolic – Not Genetic.

a.     Your Genetic Code Is A Gift That Needs Care. Most Illnesses Ascribed To Genetics Are Not Problems With Your Genes, But In 

        What We Are Asking Them To Do In The Environment We Give Them. Major Factors In The Environment Include:

                             i. Inadequate Nutrients

                             ii. Microbial Imbalances

                             iii. Food & Chemical Sensitivities

                             iv. Glyphosate from Food and Chloramine in Water

                             v. Gluten

                             vi. Heavy Metal Exposure from Food, Water, and Air

                             vii. Other Pesticide’s, Herbicides, and Chemicals in Food and Water

3. Recognize What Virtually All Chronic, Debilitating, Diseases Have in Common and That Is Inflammation.

4. Understand What Causes Chronic Inflammation.

5. Understanding How and Why Humans Are Built The Way We Are.

a. Understanding digestion.

b. Understanding Epistological Taste Changes.

c. The truth about pH and why pH matters.

d. Get Over Your Belief That Plant Foods Are Healthier Than Meat.

e. Get Over Your Belief That Saturated Fat Is Bad For You.

6. Understanding metabolism - how our body develops the energy it needs to live, grow, and heal.

a. Understanding the role of diet and the important components of a healthy diet.

b. Get Over Your Belief That the FDA Food Pyramid Is How You Should Eat.

c. Understanding sugar.

d. Understanding how our body processes sugar and what happens when we get too much.

e. Understanding saturated fat and the role of cholesterol.

7. The reason why fasting is so important and how to incorporate healing fasts into your lifestyle.

a. Intermittent Fasting

b. Long-Term Cleansing Fasts

8. Understand the Microbiome and Its Importance to Health.

a. Health begins in your mouth. Understanding the important role of Nitric Oxide (NO).

b. Your gut is a war zone containing 80% of your immune system

9. Understanding Supplements.

a. Why Supplements

b. Avoid The Piecemeal Approach

c. Quality Issues

d. How Long?

10. Understand Your Choices About How To Restore Health To A Body That Is Metabolically Compromised (Not in Homeostasis/Biochemical Balance.)

a. Diet and Lifestyle Choices Only.

                             i. What You Need To Know About The Standard American Diet (SAD.)

                             ii. What You Need To Know About Plant-Based Diets.

                             iii. What You Need To Know About A Carnivore Diet.

                             iv. Adopting A Ketovore Diet (My Favorite.)

b. Plot Your Own Course Using Our Classes As A Resource.

                                     i. Equipment You May Need.

                                     ii. Detailed Protocol Steps.

                                     iii. Supplements Required For Each Stage.

                                     iv. Dietary Recommendations.

                                     v. Recipes and Techniques.

c. ReVitaLight: A Proven Functional Medicine Protocol that includes:

                                     i. Support On Ordering The Correct Lab Tests For Determining Health Issues. (Many tests can be unreliable so you may need                             

                                        to be firm with your doctor about ordering better tests that are not normally required by Standards of Care by which most 

                                        physicians operate.)

                                     ii. A body chemistry analysis based on labs and customer feedback.

                                     iii. A customized protocol designed specifically for each individual’s unique biochemistry.

                                     iv. A comprehensive protocol review and explanation with Lono.

                                     v. Basic nutraceutical quality supplements required with comprehensive guide. (May not include certain supplements required 

                                        for certain conditions. These will be provided at extra cost or the patient will be given the resources on where they can be 


                                     vi. Consultations as needed during the 4-week protocol.

                                     vii. Suggestions for equipment, recipes, and techniques to ensure success.

                                     viii. Access to our Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Courses.

Why This Webinar?

The human body is an incredibly intelligent machine. Discounting all the propaganda to the contrary, your body doesn’t make mistakes. When something breaks down, it is because we have failed to give it something it needs to be healthy. It is like a car that runs well until we put contaminants into the fuel. Then the car sputters, loses power, and eventually won’t run.

We have been conditioned to believe that the when the body breaks (meaning we experience symptoms of poor health) it is simply because something beyond our control caused it, and the solution is pharmaceutical medicine. Often the problem is marked up to some sort of genetic problem. This is categorically untrue. Believe that lie and you will suffer a lot more than you need to, and you will die a lot sooner than what your design specs call for.

Less than 1 in 1,000 people suffer from a genetic problem causing their health issue. The problem is that your doctor is not trained by medical schools run by Big Pharma into how your body’s biochemistry actually works, and what it takes to restore biochemical balance – a condition called homeostasis. 

When the body breaks it is due to a continual assault of 

    1. bad fuel (by far the most common problem,) 

    2. toxins (like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, fluoride, heavy metals and other chemicals), 

    3. side effects of pharmaceuticals (especially when a person is on more than one prescription.) These are listed in every commercial because                 

        they actually happen in clinical trials and must legally be disclosed.

    4. Medical malpractice – the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

The body operates through systems designed to work with one another. These systems all have various functions and depend on a variety of factors to keep the machine that is your body running smoothly. One missing element can disrupt a system and this – in turn – can compromise other systems. There are thousands of elements we know about, and thousands more we have yet to discover, much less understand. When doctors prescribe a pharmaceutical designed to modify how these systems work there can be lots of unexpected consequences called “side-effects.” Another relevant question: How can you heal a problem when you don’t know its cause?

An example of this is cholesterol. For decades, due to subterfuge on the part of Harvard University in league with the sugar industry, people (including the vast majority of doctors and health care providers) came to believe that the consumption of saturated fat raised cholesterol levels, and this was the cause of the nation’s number one killer known as cardiovascular disease. The truth is that the consumption of sugar causes vascular damage, and cholesterol is the body’s way of repairing the damage.

Although this fraud was uncovered, and all the latest research absolutely discredits this idea, how many people still think that the consumption of saturated fat will cause plaquing in the arteries and lead to cardiovascular disease due to a build-up of cholesterol? Worse yet, how many doctors will tell you the same thing, and that you need a statin to avoid high blood pressure. Sadly, almost all would because the Standards of Care created in large part by Big Pharma requires them to do so. The only exceptions would be physicians who specialize in functional medicine who don’t work for some kind of larger health care organization.

The result of this bad advice is that because statins deplete an important nutrient required by the cells to create energy and you become prone to congestive heart failure which will kill you. In the meantime you will be very fatigued. By not addressing the benefit of eliminating sugar and refined carbs from your diet you develop pre-diabetes or diabetes, and the damage done by this diet WILL cause cardiovascular damage. Once those condtions have been diagnosed you will be prescribed other drugs, each of which has their own set of side-effects, and so the story goes right up until the time your body is laying on an autopsy table and the medical examiners assign the cause of your demise to “natural causes.”

Americans have suffered an explosion of chronic health problems in the last 40-50 years. Biochemists have known the cause of this explosion for the last 30 years. We learned the importance of nitric oxide to health about 20 years ago. We learned about the importance of the microbiome in health about a decade ago. Yet over the last 50 years, very little of this information has penetrated the consciousness of either the American public or our medical profession. If it had, we would not see the rates of cardiovascular disease and deaths, diabetes and its related problems (we have known for 20 years that diabetes is completely reversible by diet and lifestyle,) or cancers that we do today. One other thing we would not be seeing is the incredible volume of pharmaceuticals being sold. Think about that.

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