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LivingWaters™ Drinking Water Systems

LivingWaters™ has been a leader in providing the most technologically advanced drinking water systems in the world.

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All LivingWaters™ Drinking Water Systems come complete with filter cartridges, faucet, housing wrench, extra O-rings, and installation kit.

LivingWaters™ Alkalizers

These systems have advantages that make them  the preferred choice for the vast majority of installations. Countertop and under counter models are available. Find out why our Alkalizers™  are the most technologically advanced water treatment systems in the world and why they are rapidly becoming so popular.

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LivingWaters™ Reverse-Osmosis Systems

While the vast majority of our customers prefer Alkalizers due to their many advantages, sometimes  Reverse Osmosis is the only practical way to get healthy drinking water. Learn why LivingWaters™ RO systems are superior products for these situations.

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Other models of our drinking water systems and a variety of options are available. 

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