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Why You Need A Water Treatment System

Drinking pure, clean water is vitally important to your health!  

There are many health risks associated with drinking water straight from the tap: 

  • Fluoride is a potent toxin that should never be added to a water supply. 
  • Chloramine, the most commonly used disinfectant, will disrupt the vital microbiome in your gut thereby predisposing you and every member of your family to every chronic debilitating disease under the sun. 
  • Water main failures are a common problem exposing those drinking water carried by those mains to serious health risks from pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes. 
  • If you are on a private well, there can be many dangerous toxic chemicals and metals, as well as pathogenic microbes hidden in your water even though you think you are far from sources of pollution and your water tastes great.

A quality water treatment system is one of the best investments you can make if the health of you and your family is important to you.

A Conscious Person's Guide To Water Treatment Systems

This free guide is invaluable whether you are looking to treat whole-house water problems or you want to find a quality drinking water system.

Buyer's Checklist

Don't make a mistake! If you want your drinking water to be healthy, make sure that whatever product you buy, meets these vital requirements.

LivingWaters™ Ordering Guide

If you have decided to look more deeply into getting a LivingWaters™ System, we make a lot of models with different features. Use this guide to select the system that is just right for your individual needs.

What You Need To Know About Fluoride

Regardless of what the government and the American Dental Association tell you, Fluoride is a dangerous toxic chemical and should never be added to your water supply. New research reveals a surprising new reason why this is true.

What You Need To Know About Chloramine

Water treatment plant operators have replaced chlorine as the disinfectant of choice with chloramine - the combination of chlorine and ammonia. Most water treatment systems including Reverse-Osmosis cannot remove it effectively - even though they say the reduce(?) it. New research demonstrates that chloramine can destroy your microbiome and open the door to all kinds of chronic debilitating disease. If you value your health, be sure to download this free report to learn what this chemical is, what it does, and how to get rid of it.

What You Need To Know About Ionizers

What You Need To Know About Water Contamination

This free book is an invaluable resource for researching and understanding a wide variety of water contaminants as well as the best ways to treat those problems updated with the latest technology.

What You Need To Know About Drugs In Your Drinking Water

Over the last few decades, the use of pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products has exploded. Not surprisingly, we are now experiencing an explosion of these residues in our drinking water supplies. Many of these are very hard if not nearly impossible to remove from your drinking water. Download this important booklet to learn what you can do to protect yourself.

What You Need To Know When Selecting A Water Treatment System

Not all drinking water systems are the same. Some do little more than remove chlorine and improve taste and odors. 

The best systems are capable of removing microbiological contaminants, chemicals, metals, fluoride and more. 

Some systems require electricity to operate and others do not. Some systems are far more reliable and easy to maintain than others. 

As the market has expanded, so has the hype. If you want to assure yourself that your investment in a water treatment system will fit your needs, it is vital you take the time to become informed. 

Here are some resources that will save you hours of research and a lot of confusion.

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