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LivingWaters™ Engineered Water Treatment System Services

Water treatment equipment is expensive. Every home's water situation is unique. What works for your friend or neighbor may not work for you. That is why people who buy over-priced cookie-cutter products sold by high-pressure salespeople from national franchises are so often unhappy with their investments. There is no need to make the same mistake. Follow the plan below to insure that you find the best, most economical, solution for your water issues.

Steps to Effective Water Treatment Solutions

Follow the steps below to avoid making costly mistakes when buying water treatment equipment.

Tell Us About Your Home

Water treatment equipment needs to be sized for your home and family. Fill out this form to tell us about your infrastructure, your family, and the water problems that concern you.

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Get a Comprehensive Water Test

Water chemistry is unique. Installing equipment without knowing what is in your water is a fool's errand. Comprehensive water tests by independent labs  are not cheap, but can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Companies who tell you to bring in a sample of water for a free test are a scam.  If you are on a well, state tests required for wells are unlikely to be comprehensive enough to work. Give us a call and we can guide you to the test you need.

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Get An Engineering Report and Quote

Once we get back the results of your test and the information we need about your infrastructure and your family, we'll provide a complete engineering report detailing what we see your water problems to be, and your options for treating it. We will also provide a quote complete with product specifications. We are engineers, not salespeople, so there will never be any pressure to buy. We sell our products using information and by providing the best customer service in the nation.

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The Goal

Our goal in designing a your water treatment system is to make sure you have a reliable supply of water that:

  •  Is microbiologically safe,
  •  Is treated so that levels of inorganic and organic contaminants do not pose a health risk,
  •  Is neither unduly corrosive nor scale-forming,
  •  Is free of unpalatable odors or tastes, and
  •  Does not create stains on laundry and fixtures.

In addition, we want your system to be both reliable and as easy and inexpensive to maintain as possible. The closer we can come to achieving these goals — the better.

Every purchase of water treatment equipment eventually becomes a process of us educating our customers on how best to weigh effectiveness vs. cost to identify the highest value.

The most important ingredient in this process is the proper engineering of a system to water’s particular chemistry.

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