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LivingWaters™ Shower and Bath Products

  • These systems are designed to remove chlorine from water used in showers and baths. Showering in hot, chlorinated water causes health issues because chlorine is absorbed through the lungs and enters the blood. There it oxidizes the lipids (fats) in the blood and is implicated in forming the arterial plaques that cause heart attacks.
  • These systems will do nothing to help if your water is chloraminated (chlorine + ammonia) instead of chlorinated. Most water providers have replaced chlorine as a disinfectant with chloramine. Breathing chloramine in a hot shower won't cause the same problem as breathing chlorine, but it has its own health issues. Chloramine is very hard on the epithelial lining of the gut and skin. People with sensitive skin find that bathing in chloraminated water is like bathing in gasoline. It causes dry, itchy skin and rashes. When this happens, many people think they have some kind of skin disease and don't relate it to bathing in chloraminated water. Unfortunately, most dermatologists are also unaware of this problem, so people are prescribed lots of expensive cremes and lotions that don't really work. The only way to solve the problem is using a system capable of removing chloramine from your water supply.
  • Don't be fooled by claims made by dubious products that say they REDUCE chloramine.  The amount of those reductions is so tiny as to be insignificant. Chloramine is a chemical that is very difficult to remove from water. Even standard RO systems and distillers can't do it very well. As of the moment, removing chloramine requires a whole house system. That is because chloramine removal requires a large bed of catalytic activated carbon. These systems must be selected based on the size of your family and how many bathrooms are in your house. Call us and talk to one of our water treatment engineers for guidance. These systems are available here.
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