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LivingWaters™ - An industry leader for over 25 years

    LivingWaters Engineered Water Solutions has been custom designing water treatment systems for all kinds of applications for over 25 years. Since our inception we have earned a reputation as industry leaders in four important areas.

    1.  We custom engineer whole-house water treatment solutions for homeowners  and provide solutions to a wide variety of commercial/agricultural/government applications.  To find out more about this service, click here.

    2.  We offer our revolutionary LivingWaters™ water treatment systems in a variety of counter top and under counter models. We offer two configurations: 

        • Cartridge-Based Alkalizers: LivingWaters™ Alkalizers™ are the most technologically advanced water treatment systems on the market! They are designed for those who want the health and taste benefits of mineralized, alkaline water with the assurance that unhealthy contaminants like fluoride, arsenic, lead, hexavalent chromium and dangerous chemicals are removed at levels comparable to RO while retaining healthy alkaline minerals. Most importantly, these models also offer failsafe protection against microbiological pathogens without the need for power, high water pressure or water waste. These are our most popular products. To find out more about them, click here.

        • Advanced-Design RO: Sometimes water chemistry does not permit the use of cartridge-based Alkalizers. Sometimes people just prefer the taste of demineralized water. For these situations we offer the most effective reverse-osmosis solutions available. Our LivingWaters™ reverse osmosis systems are quite unlike anything else on the market. They are the only RO systems in the country capable of effectively reducing chloramine, a disinfectant now used by over 65% of the municipal water providers in the country. To find out more about these products, click here.

    3. We are distributors for the nation's top manufacturers of water treatment products including WATTS Water Quality and Conditioning Products, Pentair, Argonide, Doulton, Sprite Industries, CuZn,  Flowmatic, Better Water Industries, AquaMira, and more.

    4. We support a growing network of LivingWaters™ Dealers with the widest selection of products, comprehensive engineering and product support, and the most extensive and professional educational opportunities available in the industry.

    We have been serving the nation's water treatment needs since 1986 and have earned a reputation for excellence in customer service. We not only provide our customers and dealers access to the most extensive inventory of products from that nation's largest and most reputable manufacturers at the lowest possible prices but we also offer comprehensive engineering and product support. 

    We look forward to helping you solve your water treatment problems with leading edge solutions fully customized for your unique situation. Let us show you how you can have a reliable supply of really good water at the lowest possible cost!

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