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AU, Superfood, (300g)

Superfood FusionTM – Vitamin & Mineral Powerhouse 

Superfood FusionTM is a synergistic blend of 15 of Mother Earth’s most potent superfood ingredients.  Replace vitamin and mineral pills with one natural plant-based supplement!  Contains nature’s powerhouse of fresh raw berries, fruits, roots and greens all blended to nourish your immune system and attain optimum health.  Add to your favorite smoothie!

Naturally loaded with:

·  Antioxidants

·  Amino acids

·  Vitamins

·  Minerals

·  Polyphenols

·  Polysaccharides

·  Bioflavonoids

·  Enzymes

 Perfect for gut health, energy, focus and boosting your immune system.  Enjoy maximum nutrition from 100% natural ingredients with our remarkable Superfood FusionTM mix.

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