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AU, Nature's Flu Buster SuperSet

This all-natural immune booster package is for adults without children in the home. It includes:
1 - Flu Subdue (120C)
1 - Virus Vanquish Adult Formula (1 oz)
1 - Silver Wings Colloidal Silver (250 ppm - 8 oz.

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Any virus can result in serious illness and death including the Corona virus that is known to be highly contagious, dangerous, and deadly to people with compromised immune systems. That being true, it only makes sense to take steps to support your immune system to be as strong as possible. While we can’t promise a cure, the products in our Nature's Flu Super Set contain actual therapeutic doses of the most powerful herbs and substances demonstrated over millennia to give your immune system a serious, no-kidding, boost. These natural medicines are proven fighters against viral infections as well as deadly secondary bacterial infections like pneumonia. This package is designed for people without children in the home. Buy the set and get 10% off! 1 - Flu Subdue (120C) 1 - Virus Vanquish for adults (1 oz) 1 - Silver Wings Colloidal Silver (250 ppm) 8 oz.
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