Awaken Unlimited

AU, MetaBalance, (120C)

Effective and natural support for blood sugar metabolism

·  Support healthy blood sugar level

·  Moderate insulin sensitivity

·  Improve glucose metabolism

·  Reduce insulin resistance

·  Improve memory, mood and energy levels

MetaBalanceTM is recommended for anyone diagnosed with hypoglycemia, diabetes or other problems related to blood sugar. 

The natural ingredients in MetaBalanceTM have been scientifically studied to support healthy blood sugar levels, reduce insulin resistance of tissue and restore the function of beta cells in the pancreas. It contains nutrients that help move glucose from your blood stream into cells for energy while improving the efficiency of insulin interactions.  These natural nutrients also help turn fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy.

Enjoy renewed vitality by resetting your blood sugar metabolism while maintaining health triglyceride and cholesterol levels with MetaBalanceTM!


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AU, NM, MetaBalance, (120C)
AU, NM, MetaBalance, (120C)
AU, NM, MetaBalance, (120C)
AU, NM, MetaBalance, (120C)
AU, NM, MetaBalance, (120C)
AU, NM, MetaBalance, (120C)
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