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AU, Nature's Flu Buster Ultimate Bundle

AU, Nature's Flu Buster Ultimate Bundle

Any virus can result in serious illness and death including the Corona virus that is known to be highly contagious, dangerous, and deadly to people with compromised immune systems. That being true, it only makes sense to take steps to support your immune system to be as strong as possible.

While we can’t promise a cure, the products in our Nature's Flu Buster Ultimate Bundle contain actual therapeutic doses of the most powerful herbs and substances demonstrated over millennia to give your immune system a serious, no-kidding, boost. These natural medicines are proven fighters against viral infections as well as deadly secondary bacterial infections like pneumonia.

With this package you can save money and get:

 1 - Flu Subdue™ (120C)

1 - Virus Vanquish™ Adult Formula tincture (1 oz) 

1 - Virus Vanquish™ Children's Formula (1 oz) 

1 - Bio D-Mulsion-Forte (1 oz.)

1 - SilverWings, Colloidal Silver, 250ppm (8 oz.)


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Flu Subdue™ is designed for adults as well as children over 8 years of age. It contains a powerful combination of Olive Leaf, Astragalus Root, Cat's Claw, Licorice Root, and Bee Pollen. During times of concern take two (2) capsules, two (2) times a day. Children 8 through 12 can take half that dose. For those who don't like swallowing pills, open the capsules and sprinkle over yogurt or on a cereal like oatmeal if you prefer.

Virus Vanquish Adult Formula is an alcohol based tincture designed for adults and children over 12. It contains the most potent extracts available of premium organic Elderberry, Olive-Leaf, and Osha Root. As soon as you have symptoms take two (2) drops per pound of body weight up to six (6) times a day.

Virus Vanquish for children is an alcohol-free tincture designed for anyone over the age of 2. It contains premium organic American Elderberry in a delicious base of all natural blueberry juice. Kids of all ages love it! For protection or when symptomatic take one drop per pound of body weight up to from two (2) to six (6) times a day.

Silver Wings Colloidal Silver (250 ppm) 8 oz. is a true colloidal silver (not ionic or protein silver’s that are ineffective or dangerous. Use this in a humidifier whenever symptoms of a respiratory infection occur. Use one tablespoon of colloidal silver in one gallon of water and place humidifier near your bed. Run all night while sleeping or otherwise confined to bed. Safe for children of all ages and adults. 

Bio-D-Mulsion Forte is a bio-available form of vitamin D, proven to dramatically boost immune response. It is a key medicine for those who want to avoid contracting any viral disease.

Is this effective? Our founder - Lono Ho'ala - was 68 years old when he contracted a serious case of deadly Hantavirus while working on his ranch. He has a pacemaker and type 2 diabetes. His doctor had just had a 16 year-old athletic boy die of the same virus the previous week and insisted Lono go to the hospital immediately. Lono refused and relied on the colloidal silver used as suggested above and the other products above to treat his own condition. He was quite ill for a week but he recovered completely while the athletic boy who went to the hospital died. This is an absolutely true story. You draw your own conclusions.

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