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AU, Flu Subdue (120C)

Flu SubdueTMNature’s Flu Fighter!

Flu SubdueTM gives you and your family peace of mind with the power to fight back against the flu and defend against deadly viruses! 100% pure and natural ingredients – safe for adults and children ages 6 years and older when taken at recommended dosage.

Benefits include: 

·  Fights flu and virus infections

·  Boosts immune system naturally

·  Reduces the chance of catching the flu or other viruses

·  Avoids harmful side-effects found in pharmaceutical treatments

Flu SubdueTM is a proprietary blend of nature’s most potent antiviral traditional herbs used for centuries as a defense against viruses.  Each ingredient works in synergy to produce a highly effective defense inside each cell of your body to prevent viruses from replicating, thereby reducing viral infections and flu-like symptoms.


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AU, NM, Flu Subdue (120C)
AU, NM, Flu Subdue (120C)
AU, NM, Flu Subdue (120C)
AU, NM, Flu Subdue (120C)
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