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Recapture Your Health By Rebalancing Your Body Chemistry and Microbiome

You have 10X as many microorganisms in your body as cells that carry your DNA.  A correct balance of these organisms are vital to your health. Chemicals in our water and food disrupt this balance. The ReVitaLight™ Program is the most effective way to restore proper balance to your microbiome and body chemistry. 

We Specialize In Rebalancing Body Chemistry by Rebalancing Your Microbiome

The trillions of microbes living in your body can either heal you ... or hurt you.  A healthy, balanced microbiome is the key to enhanced vitality and disease prevention.  If you're already ill, rebalancing your microbiome is crucial to regaining lasting wellness.  

Awaken Unlimited offers a breakthrough microbiome rebalancing cleanse program called ReVitaLight - tailored uniquely for your body and wellness goals.

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Learn more about the microbiome and why the ReVitaLight™ Protocol is such a powerful healing modality in this free book.

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Required Steps To Stay Healthy After ReVitaLight™ And Body Chemistry ReBalancing

Clean Up Your Water

Most drinking water out of the tap is contaminated with chloramine, atrazine, disinfection by-products, chemicals and more. These things are capable of disrupting the delicate balance of bacteria required to keep your gut healthy. 

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Learn What A Healthy Diet Is And Stick To It

Don't believe government pronouncements about what a healthy diet is. These guidelines are designed more to benefit the food industry rather than you. Eat only certified organic foods free of chemicals like glyphosate, pesticides, and other herbicides. Avoid foods containing lectins. Learn more about Paleo and Keto-friendly diets here.

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Eliminate Unhealthy Stress

A certain amount of stress is both inevitable and healthy. Unresolved fear/anger can be very hard on your health - especially over time. Learn how the insights of HunaWisdom™ can help you overcome the kinds of stress than can hurt you.

Learn And Apply ReVitaLight™ Regularly

ReVitaLight™ is not just a one-trick pony. It is the most powerful way to restore body chemistry balance. Nothing else can compare.  It is a skill you can learn and apply as often as needed. Learn how here.

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